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Early to mid twenties


Cosplay Santana



Hakko is a character in the television anime 'Canaan'. She is a borner and works at Cosplay Santana.

Appearance Edit

Hakko has light green hair with bangs and her hair tends to wave as it gets longer. She has hair tied to the back of her head with a blue ribbon, she also dons red droplet earnings. Hakko has green eyes that are slightly darker than her hair. She is usually seen wearing a light blue three- quarter shirt with a long olive green skirt that has a bow. She can also be seen wearing a revealing cat costume that she wear when working.
Hakko Cat Costume

Hakko in her work clothes

Personality Edit

Hakko rarely speaks as her voice proves fatal to those who hear it. Hakko is kind and is infatuated with her lover even to go as far as to sleep with his dead body. Hakko is kind and caring, although like the other Borners she has attempted to kill Canaan by strangling her in her sleep. Although she could not bring herself to finish the job.

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