Full name







Canaan, Alphard, Ex-Mercenary, Snake



 Siam is the mentor of both Canaan and Alphard Alshua

History Edit

Siam is an ex- mercenary and is the mentor of Canaan and Alphard (who he also named 'Canaan' meaning 'Promise Land')

He was first paid to take a young girl and turn her into an emotionless solider, of which he succeeded. He created the a heartless human weapon who was the head of the terrorist organisation known as snake. Alphard quickly mastered the art of fighting and soon left to complete missions of her own.

Later he rescued Canaan from an abandoned house and began to train her as well. He warmed up to the child who he would be kind to and act as a father figure to. Alphard tries to convince Canaan that if it was not for her coming along Siam would not have died.

Siam died while on a mission while Canaan was looking for a bomb on the train, when Canaan returned she was too late and found Alphard with a gun to Siam's head.

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